Your streak went down, so what?

The streak is not the end-goal.

I hear you alright: "Easy for you to say! You have a One Year Streak you hypocrite &#!$%!!!". Read until the end before judging.

A streak is like training wheels: you can hate it, but in the end, it's only here to help you get better. A streak is simply a tool.

Whining won't teach you how to bike, you have to get back up and start again. Each time you fall, you learn a valuable lesson about your own motives and your own process. Be brave enough to take a good look at yourself.

It's all about training. It's all about preparation. What can you do tomorrow to write faster? How can you improve? What is it you need? What is your purpose here? Do you have what it takes?

There is no reason to quit just because you broke your streak. You already put in the effort. Showing up once a week is always better than not trying because it eventually compounds. Most people don't try. Most people don't write a thing in their entire life and die without a trace.

A streak is not even about putting in the work every day. You can write something ahead of time and still keep going. Frankly, it doesn't matter, because the ultimate virtue of a streak is not consistency, it's adaptability: life is all about adapting yourself to external circumstances that can be out of control. It doesn't matter if you can write 2000 words in one day or if your prose is great, your ability to prepare, improve, receive feedback, and think ahead is the essence of streaking.

I see users on Makerlog cheating with their streak by publishing junk entries. I don't really get the point. You can fool others, sure, but you can't fool yourself. You are not your streak, so stop giving it so much importance. A streak is a contract between you and your future self. Play by the rules and rethink your habits, the only goal of the streak is to make you 1% better every day.

The streak doesn't matter as much as what it's supposed to bring to you. You can break it once it's served your purpose, there is nothing wrong with that. However, keeping a streak alive out of ego or breaking it without learning from it is counter-productive. It just gets in the way of what you should focus on.

Keep writing, get better.