You Are The Niche

As an indie founder, if you want to thrive, you have to niche down. That's common entrepreneurial advice. "Find your niche!" But what nobody tells you is that you already found it: it's within you.

What's a niche in the end? It's a tiny subset of the overall market with its own culture - ideas, needs, beliefs.

As humans, we already belong to several cultural spheres. We work in specific industries, in distinct companies with their own values. We come from different countries. We have different hobbies. We share the same biological needs, but ultimately we are all culturally and genetically unique.

You are the niche. It's the intersection of all your interests. All you have to do now is to infuse it in your work.

Solve a problem you personally experience at the crossroads of your broad interests, and market it from your perspective.

When it comes to our careers, we are often forced to make choices. You can't be a painter and a doctor, you're told. But then you hear about art therapists. That's a niche.

Similarly, every successful creator made a niche for herself. Da Vinci combined art and engineering. Frida Kahlo combined painting, feminism, and her physical trauma. Hemingway combined bullfighting and writing. Even the weirdest niche has its audience.

Don't focus on a niche, focus on your authenticity.