Writing This December

2020 has yet to be my most productive writing year. 200WaD grows, my skills grow, and the number of new opportunities keeps increasing. I received my first payment as a freelancer this week. A guest post on a blog for 20 cents a word, soon to be published. It's a huge creative breakout, the promise of a new income source to increase my runway.

At my current rate, I'd only need to write four articles of 1000 words to cover a month's worth of living expenses. 48 guest posts a year to fund me and keep growing my digital products.

My writing skills are improving. I have to write more and get better at distributing my content, but my confidence has never been stronger. I'm so close to design a financially sustainable lifestyle as a nomad maker, there is no time to rest on my laurels.

Today I'm coming back to France. I'll stay at the family house for a month, in the countryside. I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet of writing and reading by the fireplace. The time I spend offline will significantly increase. I'm planning to spend around 4 hours a day programming and managing my products, and spend the rest of the time in the pursuit of writing, family, and exercise. It's a time of introspection.