Writing Routine

My current writing routine consists of meditating for 10 minutes before sitting down at a clean desk with a pen and a pile of paper sheets to draft my daily post. Once I'm done with free writing I boot up my computer to start the editing process and hit publish. All in all, it takes between half an hour and two hours depending on how long I need to figure out a prompt and do some research.

Publishing on a daily basis is not just great for your personal growth, it's changing how others perceive you as well. Pewdiepie wouldn't be the most successful Youtuber without his daily posting schedule for example.

I want to keep on publishing daily while optimizing my writing process. I can decrease the time I spend on writing while increasing my output by batching tasks.

Starting next Sunday, my new routine implies editing and scheduling my publications once a week, but I keep on free writing and researching every day. This way I can free more time for coding and learning without dropping my writing habit.

I would not advise this approach to all writers on 200WaD, because in the beginning going through the whole process every day helps you shape your own environment, your own routine. Only when this self-knowledge becomes apparent can you start streamlining your own creative methodology.