Writing Meditation

My ever-lasting quest for mastery led me this morning to think of new ways to improve my writing practice. Writing happens in three main iterative phases: free writing, researching, and editing. Becoming a better writer is about getting better at all three phases.

Free writing is about shutting down your inner filter to let the flow of consciousness express itself. The more you let it go, the more you increase your writing speed.

I spend around one hour a day writing, I want to break through this limit: write more words faster, spontaneously at a higher quality level.

The first step I took a few weeks ago was to write offline to remove distractions - spellcheckers, Grammarly, and open tabs. It is efficient, but it appeared to me this morning that free writing would benefit from a meditative practice.

It is proven writing has therapeutic effects. More generally, writing is a practice of mindfulness. Is there such thing as meditative writing?

I was thinking of some sort of exercise to perform during my daily sessions, so I googled just that, and ended up in a rabbit hole: writing meditation is a thing! And I never heard of it until now.

There is apparently no unique standard exercise, each practitioner has his/her own methodology. I noticed one common pattern: a writing session starts with a short meditation. Many authors are known to integrate walking to their writing routine: Carl Jung, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Thoreau... walking meditation is easily accessible.

Breathing meditation is even easier to integrate. Here is the writing routine I want to experiment with over the next few days:

  1. Wake up

  2. 10-minute breathing meditation

  3. Write down anything coming to my attention

  4. If stuck, close your eyes

  5. Wait for thoughts to pop up and go back to step 3

  6. Repeat till I complete at least one 200WaD post

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.