Writing is the root of branding

If we take a really cold outlook at our economy today, we observe that everything is productized. Especially people. People are offered to a market to fulfill a need or a want -- to solve a problem in exchange for a wage, your perceived value. It is indeed a dehumanizing view, but this is the essence of liberalism.

Similarly, everything you need to strive for in order to succeed in society could be linked to a sales process: you want a job? You have to sell yourself. You want a partner? Seducing is selling yourself. Jean-Luc Godard famously said that "making movies and doing the hustler are the same thing". It is neither good or bad, it is reality, and reality is amoral.

If selling yourself is an unrelenting part of life, how do we do it effectively? Value comes from scarcity: you have to offer what no one else can. This process of identifying features that make a product distinct from another is called branding.

You have to brand your business. You have to brand yourself.

Writing serves two purposes to your personal branding efforts:

- Giving a glimpse of your soul to others in an articulate fashion: what makes you original? what kind of thought leader are you?

- Self-development by introspection (looking inward) and retrospection (looking backward)

Needless to say, those two points will constitute the core of your personal brand.

One could argue that you don't have to write, you can just use another form of self-expression. And it is true, but to a limited degree: writing is the most common form of business communication. Whether you are a painter or a sculptor or a movie maker, you will end up writing at some point. Picasso is famous for his quotes as well. Michelangelo was not only a sculptor, but a poet as well. Silent movies have scripts too.

Get writing, it will benefit your life.