Writing 200 Words

In 2019, 200WaD helped more than a hundred members reach 30 days of continuous writing.

Next Tuesday, however, everyone will be able to publish less than 200 words per post. Maintaining the streak is going to be easier.

I believe lowering our barriers to entry to be a good thing in the long-term: it will help more people develop a writing muscle, find their voice, and keep going. The streak system is a great tool for that.

But the streak has to remain a tool. We have to go past it if we are serious about writing better. Don't see the removal of the 200-word limit as a favor to keep your streak going, view it as an opportunity to spend more time researching, editing, and increasing the quality of your words.

More importantly, use it as an opportunity to write more posts with better words. Accumulate thinking material, and grow. Aim higher.

Who wants to write a book this year? I'm probably not the only one. @brandonwilson and @keni are already working on a book. If you'd like to write a book and already have an idea, shoot me a DM (here, on Twitter, or via email) and explain your idea. Same thing if you want to create a blog, send me your topic idea. I want to gather all project holders and create something to help, so don't be shy.

See you around and enjoy your last days on 200 Words a Day!