I just found a name for my umbrella brand and bought the domain name: Writelier (writelier.com), a tech writing studio.

The goal is to provide digital products and freelance services to empower individuals and SMEs by writing.

I have three digital products falling in the writer lifestyle category so far—Co-Writers (developing a writing habit), Bouquin (making a living as a writer), and Sipreads (reading to become a better writer)—and my freelance activities focus on the technical writing niche.

My business identity is built around five pillars: tech (using tech to do good and better), nomadism (keep moving the lines and think global), writing (I write, therefore I think, therefore I am), artisanship (mastery and indie entrepreneurship), and sustainability (reason from first principles).

My hope by growing this umbrella brand is to create cross-portfolio opportunities that will directly benefit my customers.

When I work on one aspect of my business, I want the other parts to grow as well. I've started developing a unified technology stack over the last months to do just that. Such infrastructure demands a lot of work, but it's a long-term investment and I'm getting the hang of it.