Winter Sky

It's not even November and I'm already debating whether I should wear a warm trench coat inside the apartment or not. The flu doesn't help. But I managed to survive a whole winter in Stockholm, this should be a piece of cake.

The cold is unforgiving, you have to prepare yourself or it will run over you. Exercise, warm drinks, and cold showers are your best friends: they will boost your metabolism, to the point where the low temperatures become mere information.

It's uncomfortable, but it makes you feel alive. I spent last autumn and winter in South-East Asia, and I missed the feelings you experience during this time of the year. The hot morning shower right out of bed. The winter sky at dusk. The warmth of the fireplace. The candle lights. The melted cheese and the rich hivernal soups. The sweet coffee breaks. The soft large clothes that feel like you're never leaving your bed. And of course, the end-of-year festivities.

The cold signals the start of the cocooning season, but strangely it also brings people closer together. The colder it gets, the more introvert I feel though. When I'm not working, I'd rather play video games or watch movies and series than going out. The opposite happens during spring and summer.

How I've missed the cold!