Why writing is so important for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is slowly being integrated into engineering programs. I remember taking lectures in Marketing, Finance, and Project Management while having to write a business plan and deliver a working prototype.

In retrospect, it was not only boring but also unrealistic.

You are told what to do by people who never built anything on their own. You are told you need to write a business plan to raise funds. You are told you need extensive planning to get somewhere.

They don't tell you how to talk to customers though. They don't show you how communication is the most important aspect of making things. Worse, most engineering students have extremely poor writing skills and can't convey an idea properly.

However, writing is as important as understanding the technicalities of a solution.

It's not just about writing a pitch once and hopefully raise millions on an idea. It's about constantly delivering value to a growing audience over the span of several years, with content and conversations to create trust. You don't just want to deliver a solution, you want a trusted solution people can recommend and buy. This trust is ensured by communicating/writing extensively.

What you experience as a founder is probably the most important by-product of your company, so put it on paper or on a blank screen.

What you should write about is pretty simple: Why, How, and What. Why you do it (vision, mission, problem...), how you do it (problem-solving methodology, your company culture, your values), and what it is you do (operational tasks, roadmap, concrete solutions to problems, pitch, documentation).

Figure it out, battle-test your ideas and solutions, and talk with people. Don't lose touch of reality. All of this can be achieved with writing, so start today.