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Why I Do What I Do

Sep 2, 2021

I am afraid. Afraid of wasting my life. Afraid of wasting my ancestors' lives. Afraid of disappointing my teachers, friends, lovers, brothers. That it was all for nothing. That humanity is a mistake. I do not want to live in a gray world devoid of intensity. A world where nothing grows, where dreams are dead and minds left to rot on the pavement.

We are born during one of the major turning points in human history. In 20 years, global temperature will at least rise by 1.5°C, with heat waves already killing 5 million people per year. In 30 years, oil reserves will run out, if we do not experience a shortage of fresh water first. The question is not when and where it will happen, but how best and how fast we can prepare for this future. More importantly, one can also consider the possibility of having no future at all.

The spirit of our age gives me purpose: to provide a sustainable future where we can all wake up with hope and purpose. I travel through time and space, to foresee possible realities and act upon them. I fear for the worst, yes, but I am also armed with the courage to face it and fight. And so I search, for the tiniest speck of hope. And here I am, carrying the fire.

This quest of mine involves four guiding principles I developed throughout my life, my spirit compass: sustainability, nomadism, community, and mastery. This viable future I am talking about will be born from people getting together (community) with the will to do and be better (mastery), push past borders and limitations (nomadism), and act long-term rather than indulging in instant gratification (sustainability).

All of my current ten projects address at least one cardinal direction of the spirit compass.

Clowdr, my long-term Catfarm project, is a tech company that creates tech companies to address the economic aspect of sustainability, with the goal to empower Catfarm members to reach financial independence.

I'm writing two books. One on reinventing how engineers weave the Web to carry humanity forward, a guide about green web technologies. A second on demonstrating how going back to nomadism will give humanity a better chance to tackle global problems, such as immigration, over-consumption, or economic inequality. I am about 40,000 words in, for each draft.

I am also getting back into a writing habit with a blog project called Sisyphus, that's about documenting and reflecting on my journey for future reference.

I have 4 app / website projects in different stages. Permatelier, an online community to share best practices for self-sufficiency. Ecovillage List, a website listing the world's eco-communities to accelerate the transition toward a greener society., a new online platform for us to shine worldwide, including an online shop and support for multiple languages. And Holon, a holacracy app to support social sustainability by maximizing community synergy.

Last but not least, I'm involved in Catboat, a boat project with Adventures of the Valparaiso to heal the world's waters, and Les Ambachadeurs, Catfarm's local development team to connect to the land and its inhabitants.

I work on so many different projects because we are facing an emergency. We don't have 20 years. The faster we move toward our goals, the more likely we are to welcome the future with open arms. Fortunately, the brain doesn't tire like a muscle, it only craves change. I trained for this my whole life, and I do intend on making the best of the gifts that were given to me.

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