Why I built 200 Words a Day

When you are growing a tech company, it is tempting to spend all your time making and leave your voice aside.

But this voice matters. It tells you why you got started in the first place. It tells others what you stand for. More importantly, it keeps you sane.

It is not my first attempt at getting into a habit of writing: I bought writing books, I started a blog ... to no effect.

On November the 4th, I decided it could not keep going that way, and I commited to writing 200 words every day in public. Published on Medium, shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, I am not only on a 18-day streak, but I am also making a product out of the experience.

The Product Hunt Makers Festival is happening this week, I couldn't resist the urge to make this website when I saw people reaching out to tell me about this exact same problem.

I set up a product development plan on Trello, publicly accessible to anyone. I am detailing the tasks I am performing in real time on Makerlog and Makers. I announce the main milestones on Twitter.

I have two days left to submit my assignments for the hackathon, but it's already a huge success to me:

I got to hear about incredible people supporting my idea.

20 users registered already as I am writing.

Heck, Anne-Laure Le Cunff even offered me to contribute to the upcoming Maker Magazine.

Making is amazing, so is writing.

This text is my 19th attempt at the 200 words a day challenge, and it is all thanks to the support of the Maker community.