Where I'm heading to, technology-wise

I talk a lot about my projects and my day-to-day life as a nomad entrepreneur, but not so much about my skills as a software engineer. I decided to flip this behavior by starting to release more technical content.

My current stack is Symfony (PHP) on the back-end and JQuery/Twig/Bootstrap on the front-end.

I got into Symfony because that's the framework I had to work with at my first job, and since I have a more back-end background I never got into front-end frameworks and just tweaked my apps with some JQuery.

Symfony is a MVC framework, so I don't really feel like changing it. PHP is a popular language that keeps on getting better, and Symfony is similar to Laravel in terms of architecture and performance. Twig is also an incredible template engine.

I'm slowly taking on React to replace JQuery. It's 2019 and I'm starting to build DOM-intensive projects. React appeared as the most marketable skill I could take on as of today.

I don't want to waste the five years I spent studying calculus in engineering, so I'm also taking on new courses in applied Machine Learning, more specifically in Natural Language Processing. I studied basic Machine Learning during my last year in college and I absolutely love the topic! It's amazing to see all the things you can do with it, and it's giving me so many ideas to help writers at 200WaD: we could create our own minimalistic Hemingway App or Grammarly, the possibilities are unlimited and it's beyond exciting!

In parallel, I'm also taking on new tools to increase my code quality. For example, I'm studying ways to improve my Git workflow and to install Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery services.

This is basically where I'm heading to over the next year.