What's good teaching?

I love sharing what I know or what I'm trying to learn.

Sharing is part of teaching: done right, it's a highly rewarding activity. You get to have a lasting influence on the lives of others. Good or bad, I wouldn't be who I am without my teachers.

Then, the following question comes to mind: how can I be a good teacher?

As Montaigne describes, great teachers are compassionate beings. They can put themselves in the shoes of their students. If teaching is about bringing out the potential of his/her students, a teacher has to be familiar with their needs, and since the tutor shouldn't make a distinction between their personal and professional interests, she has to keep both close to her heart.

Teaching is not merely about cross-referencing papers and articles to come up with some presentation slides. It's about getting personal while remaining detached.

Good teaching is not just the responsibility of the teacher, students carry an equal weight. A student cannot expect from a teacher to think of everything, he has to develop a plural vision. Similarly to a journeyman going from master to master, a student is expected to seek the teachings of a variety of mentors.