What I want to write about

I have been working as an entrepreneur for close to a year now. I experimented with many things along the way: creating a startup, launching a solo business, traveling the world while working remotely... Even if I am just 24, I can at least share my personal experiences. Maybe some people will find valuable insights in there. You never know until you put yourself out there.

Yesterday I proposed the idea of writing a book in public, and I received many great comments. Some positive, some negative. Truth is, I am not doing it to seek the validation of others. If I can inspire people to break out of their shell along the way, that's good, but this is not my goal. I just have passions I want to write about.

Back in engineering school three years ago, I wrote a 20 pages essay on alter-nomadism, an "ethical and sustainable neonomadism". I was trying to figure out how travel impacted human history and how it could shape the future as well. I moved from France to Sweden soon after to broaden my knowledge of software. I applied some principles I learnt from my essay, and became a digital nomad: I avoided lectures like the plague and worked remotely instead. Thankfully Sweden has one of the best education system in the world and it was easy to negotiate. I moved around Europe, got an internship in Geneva, launched a startup remotely, traveled some more, and now I'm writing from South-East Asia.

I graduated as a software engineer in March this year. Yet I decided to become a full time tech entrepreneur to make my own products and hopefully help to solve interesting problems with technology. Again, I didn't do it to change the world or to help people, it just burst out of me.

Now, I don't want to write a self-help book on how to become a digital nomad or launch your own startup: I am nobody. Instead, I want to narrate what happened so far and the lessons I received. My best work of introspection, a monologue on what it means to be a nomad entrepreneur.

Here is a list of topics I want to cover: Deleuze's nomadology, the maker movement, sustainable living, bootstrapped startups, open startups, the hacker culture, the craftsmanship spirit, aesthetics and software, nomadism, what is an entrepreneur etc.

Many topics to cover, although I am still convinced I can do it. 5 persons are already joining me in this journey of writing their own book in public, and we are a growing community of writers on demand. I am just going to focus on getting 0.01% better every day and it will compound eventually.