What do I do with all this content?

My profile displays 225 posts, 370 pages, and 92,713 words. Add 30 pages from Medium, remove 80 pages of private posts, and I obtain 420 pages of original content.

I'm at a point where I produced a decent amount of content. Enough to keep readers busy for a couple of hours. So what do I do with all this content? How to make the most of my hard written articles?

In my case, I want to develop my personal brand: who I am, what it is I do, what I stand for - writing as a fuel for growth, to access a bigger pool of opportunities, to expand my world.

Developing your personal brand is an important component of your career, by definition.

When it comes to written content, personal blogs are still the best way to go about it: it gives you the independence you need to express yourself, to make things personal. It is not in your best interest to rely on external platforms, such as Medium, or even 200 Words a Day: you must develop full content ownership to access a higher degree of creative freedom.

Google is still the best way to be seen on the Internet. Build a blog, release long-form content regularly, and start producing SEO juice. Content is gold. You can monetize it. You can trade it for online trust and respect. You can use it to climb the corporate ladder.

The best part is that it is ethical and can benefit many.

Anyway, I'm writing this because I'm currently thinking of how to improve 200WaD's core features to empower more writers to distribute their content in an efficient way. When I'm tired of working on the chat feature I work on a new "My Words" page containing new design/features to manage your posts more effectively. I've also started developing new functions to play with text categories and collections. For example, it would be interesting to browse members' content more easily by filtering by categories or to export texts to plain text or markdown.

Let's see how fast I can do this.