Weekly Review

I want to focus more on the public accountability aspect of my journey as a maker, which is why I recently had the idea to create a newsletter where I would review my tasks, goals, and objectives on a weekly basis.

I am still thinking about the content and how I could make it interesting for my readers.

One section should describe my progress toward my business goals with key metrics like the MRR or the number of new customers. Something similar to the Open page of this website but from my perspective.

Another section should review what's been done: number of tasks completed on Makerlog, habits, what's been written, what's been read... an overview of my work throughout the week.

More importantly, I should write a list of what went wrong or what I can improve, and how I plan to do that. I think people who would subscribe to this newsletter are more interested in the analytical aspect of the weekly review, the operational part being already publicly available. The thought process, rather than the actual actions.

I decided to not call it Road to Ramen, because I'm thinking of something more long-term: an email list that would indirectly force me to be productive and do my best to reach my goals, while providing inspiration and practical advice to the members. I'm in for the long run, and I might as well try out new things.

For now, I'm going to make some research on how others perform their weekly review and what tools and tone I could use to improve the reading experience.