Weekly Project Split

One of my on-going objectives is to keep on improving my writing skills. Daily writing is important to keep learning, thinking, and adding value as frequently as possible, but I need longer work sessions to write in-depth bodies of work: books and long-form articles.

This is why I'm thinking of implementing a weekly project split: deep writing sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and coding the rest of the week.

The idea is inspired by Elon Musk's approach to running several companies at the same time and Cal Newport's deep work principles.

My days are divided between reading, writing, and managing digital products. Writing a few words every day is doable, but working on longer pieces demands an important cognitive switch. This is not optimal. I should instead perform one big deep work morning session dedicated to a single project and fill the rest of the day with satellite activities, or rest.

I would write as much as I can three days a week--preferably offline-- and code the other days away.

The only problem is that I'll probably feel guilty and restless if I step away from my digital products for a few days. I need to find a way to trick my brain.