Wearing Many Hats

Wearing many hats is part of creating a startup. Except each hat is a parasite that takes possession of your body and you start developing multiple personalities.

The writer wants to create more content. The coder begs to spend more time on making things. The marketer is never satisfied with the growth rate. The CEO wants to print cash. The teacher wants to spend more time guiding users. The gardener sow seeds. The student is thirsty for knowledge.

It's not easy to make room for everyone, so they take turns.

Living this many lives at once is enriching, but you know what they say: a jack of all trades is a master of none.

But what if being a master is precisely about combining fields in unexpected ways? A master is not the result of specialization. It's simply someone who managed to create a masterpiece, and the essence of a masterpiece is innovation: a master is not just a creator, it's a procreator, and you can't procreate with the same gonad.

"Don't spread out" is bad advice. Do follow wildly different interests, but do it with passion and breed them to come up with something new. That's how companies are born.