I woke up this morning with weak aching muscles. Then I felt cold and without appetite. It was the flu.

It's not funny to be a sick digital nomad by yourself in a foreign country.

Growing up with asthma, I was often ill. But I could count on my parents' devotion to get better, and eventually, the symptoms weakened as I grew up.

I am reminded of this period of my life. I am reminded of my mortality and how limited time is.

I also remember last time I got sick. It was in Penang in November last year, and I just started writing 200 words every day. The website wasn't a thing yet. The fever lasted two days. I had just broken up with two co-founders, I was physically and mentally exhausted. And then, I hit a new high. What a journey it's been so far.

I am still wrestling with myself. The headache isn't strong and I can write a few words. Outside, Odessa is cold, rainy, and unwelcoming. My first impression isn't good, but the illness is a good reason to spend time inside watching movies I've been longing to see. I need some rest and a warm cup of chicken soup. Winter is approaching, fast.