Voiceless Majority

There is but one truly serious philosophical question and that is suicide.

- Albert Camus

We are 7.8 billion human beings huddling around a small particle in a too-big-to-comprehend universe. In his book The Myth of Sisyphus, Camus asks: Has life a meaning? To which he answers that life is absurd and meaningless, but we shouldn't give into fear and strive to make peace with this apparent fact in order to be happy. Life is meaningless, so we are free to create our own meaning.

How do we create our own meaning? My take is that before creating our own meaning, maybe we should create first. Become makers. Code, paint, record, document, write... Anything, anywhere, every day.

Becoming is putting your voice out there for the world to hear.

Does a sound really exist if no one can hear it?

Creating is becoming because creating is answering your own questions, solving your own problems. Creation is cathartic.

This is why I write words every day. Coding is writing as well. It clears my troubled mind. It helps me think. It shapes reality. It gives me form. Not producing for a week could result in me going insane.

We should not wait for meaning to come to us. Instead, we have to work on it. Only then can we escape from the voiceless majority.