Upping my Writing Game

It's time to shift the gears. I thought a long time about how I can reach new heights as a writer and subsequently decided I need to read more, first and foremost. Not just reading for the sake of it, but active reading: taking structured notes by paraphrasing, digestible at wish.

On the other hand - if I want to introduce the concept of progressive overload to my daily writing workout - I need to increase the weight I'm lifting. I already came to the conclusion the best way to go about it is not to focus on writing more words or to spend more time researching and editing, but on publishing more posts. It's about taking on and processing more topics to grow further as an individual.

I'm going to combine active reading and progressive overload to come up with at least one new post per day in the form of reading notes.

I'll keep on free-writing every day here, but instead of writing once I'll publish twice a day.

If I want to become a better writer, I need to read more. Both go hand in hand: I'm developing a daily reading habit where the words I write quantify my efforts, not the number of pages I read.