Travel Day

I'm back on the road, off to Budapest. Even though I've streamlined my travelling process, I'm always excited to arrive in a new place.

I get up, pack a half-dozen shirts, boxers, and socks. I then take two pair of pants and some winter clothes, and finish with electronics, notebooks, running shoes, and personal care.

I roll all my clothes to use as little space as possible. A suitcase would be too big, so I take a travel bag I carry on my shoulders. All my possessions fit in this bag and weight less than 7 kg. I wear the most cumbersome items: a winter coat, a hoodie, and a pair of leather boots. I fill my pockets with a smartphone, my wallet, my passport, a scarf, and a pair of winter gloves.

Once I'm packed, I perform my online check-in, download my boarding pass on my phone, and take pictures of the directions between the airport and my Airbnb in case I get lost. I shut off my smartphone to save batteries, and keep my host's phone number on a piece of paper in case my phone unexpectedly breaks.

The only thing I could optimize without upgrading my ticket would be to put my leather boots in my bag and use my running shoes instead, but they are quite voluminous and I don't want to pay an additional fee because of that. I just have to take off my shoes at the security gate, which I don't care about. There isn't much to do at most airports so I take my time.