There is no worthless app

Oscar Wilde famously said that all art is quite useless.

Similarly, one could argue that all apps are useless, meaning, they are not needed to live.

And this is a peculiar argument which I think is the reason why so many makers never launch or never go through with their ideas. A fear of uselessness.

But being useless is not the same thing as being worthless.

Making an app can only benefit you in the long term.

Your market value is all about your capacity for learning hard materials fast and creating at an elite level, in both speed and quality. Making is about both.

Apps are either tools or works of art. One is an opportunity to significantly improve an user's life. The other will convey feelings: laughter, anger, joy, sadness. The possibilities are endless.

Apps are opportunities to connect and to share. When I made my budgeting app PyroHabit in September, I was pretty disappointed to see that no one had any use for it. But later it inspired me to build Findependents. The kind of product you want to stand for. The kind of product that attracts passionate people to you. It all started with an useless app.

I love tech. It is time to make.