The Price of Freedom

I know many seeking freedom, but few knowing its price. People tend to underestimate it. Time isn't the most expensive thing in the world, because freedom is paid in time, money, and people, in varying quantities.

Freedom is built. It requires skills that take years to learn, be good at, and live from—even something apparently as simple as cultivating a garden.

Freedom is bought. It doesn't require much capital, but one needs to control his personal finances to rule over his life. You can never completely live outside of society, so money remains a necessary medium.

Freedom demands a sacrifice called solitude. People live for people: they bring us joy, fulfillment, and liberate our soul. But the one that can't live without others constantly by her side is also a hopeless slave of the crowd, not to mention toxic relationships that only corrupt the mind. There is a balance to strike between individuality and collectivity.

If freedom is the highest good, giving it up is the best present one can offer. Be wary of who you marry, who you hang out with, who you work for... for freedom is easily given and hardly received.