The Need for an Alter-Nomadism

Globalization has its benefits. It decreased the cost of travels. It's never been cheaper to move across the globe.

As a result, seasonal tourists are legion, and trends like digital nomadism, enabled by remote work, are spreading.

Travel is not only industry. It has become a lifestyle, in between historical nomadism and traditional sedentism. All you need is an apartment from Airbnb and a plane ticket from Skyscanner.

It's in our nature to wonder and to wander. But it comes at a cost.

Globalization has its challenges.

The economic inequalities between countries are still increasing. We didn't eradicate war. Environmentalism is still marginal.

I truly believe we can use travel and entrepreneurship as tools to propose viable solutions to the challenges of globalization. Simplicity and anti-consumerism (now rebranded Minimalism) are both values passed down to us by the historical nomads. Entrepreneurship teaches proactivity: it is possible to make a positive impact at scale by solving important problems.

How can digital nomadism become a sustainable lifestyle, an alter-nomadism?

It's up to us to experiment with our lives, to seek our own answers, and ultimately to share our opinions with the world.

Global issues demand a glocal involvement from everyone. Not everyone has the same means and aspirations, but if we each keep in mind the Res Publica the compounding effect it creates makes everything seems possible.