The maker who had too many ideas

I have a problem. I have too many product ideas.

Most of them are bad, but I will never know which ones unless I try them out.

My personal Trello board contains 100+ product idea cards. Some others are logged in Evernote, in an ideas.txt file, or on Twitter.

Many complain that they cannot manage to generate ideas. I trained myself to become an idea machine. It is now a curse.

Picture this. You have many ideas that you are excited about and cannot wait to make and share for the world to see. The problem is, time is limited. You will never have enough time in the world to grow all of them into beautiful products.

And this is frustrating. Growing a product takes an insane amount of time. You only have 24 hours a day to take care of your needs, make and develop your creations, while contributing to the community.

If you are just like me, here is my advice.

Take your idea. Write down the few steps you need to take to execute it, to make it a reality. How hard is it? How excited are you about it? Make a list of those ideas, then prioritize them. Take the first one. Put it in front of others. See how people react. Is it helpful? Iterate.

You will never have an infinite amount of time, but you can learn to test out ideas quickly.

Do you still have too many ideas to test out? Share them. Collaborate. Make together.

Nobody is going to steal your ideas, they are worthless.

The possibilities are endless. The opportunities are endless. You have no excuse to let your ideas rot in a forgotten todo list.