The Alarm Clock Dictatorship

My biggest privilege is not owning an alarm clock.

My time is flexible. If I want to go out, I can party all night. If I don't feel like working, I can postpone my tasks. Nothing stops me from trying new things or jumping on impromptu opportunities.

I can go to bed when I feel tired, and wake up when I'm rejuvenated. My circadian rhythm can be messed up sometimes, but I'm free to do whatever the hell I want. I can just listen to my body.

I have absolutely no schedule whatsoever. I developed self-discipline instead. There are days where we are more productive than others. It's natural. Instead of acting busy, I can just rest and take care of my needs.

Most lives revolve around an alarm clock. Waking up. Snoozing. Clocking in. Taking breaks. Clocking out. Preparing your alarm clock for the next day. Welcoming the sandman and his hourglass.

It's an alarm clock dictatorship.

I've always hated alarm clocks. Especially during winter, when you're forced to wake up early while the sun has yet to chase off the cold. The morning shower never fails to trigger deep feelings of nostalgia and I don't like it.

Alarm clocks are dream killers, striking right in the middle of your REM sleep. There is no success without proper rest. Do you want a healthier life? Smash your alarm clock.

Growing up, I hoped becoming an adult would mean not having to listen to my alarm clock. The dream became a reality.

How early you wake up doesn't matter. What matters is how effectively you use the time you're given.