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Journeyman - Part 4: Training

Most people I know assume you have to be sporty to be a bikepacker. Except if you have particular medical conditions, it couldn't be further from the truth: it's only a matter of pace. There is no manual telling you to cover 100km every day. It's all up to you, really. I didn't train to perform my first 500km bike ride. It wasn't easy, but the body quickly adapts to external conditions with proper rest and nutrients. The worst part wasn't even the aching legs or the strained back from carrying a backpack, it was the literal pain in the butt—I didn't wear cycling pants: it was a clothing more

Journeyman - Part 1: Motives

I'm planning to go full nomad this summer, traveling around the Baltic Sea with a bike and wild camping while working remotely. I wouldn't be the first to do it. I stumbled upon a blog with the exact same goal. The guy's been at it for several years now, so for the naysayers out there: I know it's doable. The first article I've seen on this blog is literally titled "How to be a maker and a digital nomad?". Sounds like me. I have several reasons to make this choice. First, I'm a bit tired of the typical digital nomad myth telling you to go to Bali, live off the locals, and hopping more