Surround Yourself with Hungry Fools

Being a maker is a career. If you want to increase the probability of success of your project, you need people. The more people, the better. Owning a business is not hard anymore, anybody can be an entrepreneur, but it got way harder to compete for attention: how can I attract people to rally my cause?

Most people go for the big fishes in the pond: influencers. If you manage to get people with a huge following to become your ally, you can speed up your growth - in theory at least.

The reality is everyone is self-interested to some extent. Influencers have higher leverage, they don't have an incentive to help any nobody. They are obviously harder to reach out to and convince.

Don't chase influencers right away. Wait for your work to do the talk, your reputation has to precede you.

Instead, surround yourself with fools - underdogs whose work ethics are similar to yours, if not higher. Individuals who are crazy enough to get uncomfortable, make mistakes, and learn fast.

Find those hungry fools, help each other, make stuff together, experiment.

Even if you manage to onboard a great thought leader, a power relation will inevitably establish itself. When you spend too much time pleasing someone else, you're not making progress on yourself. Find your own unique voice, it's the most valuable thing you can offer.