Startup Nightmares

Anyone can become a business owner nowadays, but few will because it takes discipline and you have to be willing to reinvent yourself.

Creating a startup is about learning. You have to constantly acquire new non-trivial knowledge and transform it into concrete solutions. In other words, it's not just about having ideas.

You can learn a lot about entrepreneurship from watching Kitchen Nightmares. We have to take it with a grain of salt since it remains a reality show, but it's great to learn what not to do. Escapism (denial of reality) and entitlement are the two reasons why business owners fail: 1) they are incapable of taking a hard look at themselves and 2) blame others for their failure instead of taking responsibility.

In a business, everything going wrong is the owner's fault: learning starts when all the lamenting and blaming stop. If something isn't right, what is the leader going to do about it? What do you need to learn, and who can help you?

It's never about the staff. Poor operations originate from poor leadership.

It's never about the product either. Poor products are born from poor decisions.

Gordon Ramsay never fixes restaurants. He fixes the owners (or at least tries).

If you're willing to learn and execute accordingly, without ever losing faith in this constant learning process, you have what it takes to run a digital business tomorrow.