So, we won something apparently

Yesterday night, as I was celebrating the arrival of the 100th member of our community, I noticed a little notification pop up reading "And the Makers Festival winners are...". My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't resist the clickbait and proceeded to the website.

Two weeks ago the Product Hunt Makers Festival 2018 happened, and it was an amazing experience: origin story of 200 Words a Day.

It started with solving a personal problem, and ended with a product users like - dare I say - a product that users love (or will hopefully love after further refinements).

Two weeks forward, we are a community of 150+ writers. A total output of 130+ posts. 15+ active users who took on the challenge, and this number keeps growing.

When I read the results, my heart beat heavily and I felt out of breath. I closed my laptop in one go... and reopened it to double check if I was not mistaken. We did it, our writing community had won.

I closed my laptop - it was around midnight - went out for a cider can, and sat in the hotel reading a book in an attempt to calm my racing mind. I tried to sleep, despite the fact that my brain wouldn't stop thinking of new cool features to help people with becoming regular writers. I managed to come up with 20+ new ideas - that I truly believe can change the way we write online - before the sandman caught me. It was 5 or 6AM. I woke up six hours later.

Now writing allows me to process the event. My head is cooling off. It is easy to let the first wins dilute you and fuck up your projects. But writing is here to help once again, and the community will be here to knock some sense into me if that happens.

I do not really care about winning. It is a good ego boost, but I won't let it change me. What I am more happy about is being able to meet new people, make a cool product I believe in by listening to them, and overall help each other.

So first I want to thanks the Product Hunt team for organizing this event and helping us raise awareness on our vision that anybody can be a writer if we do it 200 words at a time. As Thoreau once famously said, "Rather than love, than money, than fame... give me my golden kitty trophy".

What more, here is a special thanks to the early-users who put 200 Words a Day on its path to become a great community during the Festival by sending me love and feedback. We owe it all to you guys ❤️

👉 Jason Leow, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Gene Lim, Akshay Kadam, JDaniel Richer, Dianna Allen, Ben, Gleb (aka the hackerman), Sean Walker, Valentino Urbano, Josh Pitzalis, Ruben, Brian Ball, Ruben Visscher, flowen, KP, Matt Lo, Michał Wagner ... and everyone who inspired me in this journey.

Let's all make something beautiful out of this platform.