Slow travel

Tourists exhaust me. I avoid them. What is a tourist? A fast traveler.

Just like fast food, fast travelers are all about over-consumption.

Slow travelers understand that less is more. The world moves fast. Travelers don't have to.

I find it astonishing to see people go on vacation, only to make a job out of it. They wake up at 5AM, take their little map and go to each location marked on it. We have to hurry darling. We have to do this and that and this. Then they come back home and feel burnt out. They wonder why and wait for the next holidays to repeat the process. This is shallow travel, why would society inflict that to itself? I have a slight idea. It's about getting caught up in things to forget reality. A cheap break from daily life.

Slow travel is not a new trend invented by some hipster millennial. It is how humanity moved in the first place. Fast travel is a consequence of globalism.

Henry David Thoreau said that he had traveled a great deal in Concord. He was capable of traveling around his own birth place because he trained his mind to see things with a fresh perspective. Slow travel is a low impact form of tourism where social interactions and in-depth activities prevail.

Travel, not only as a physical movement, but also as an intellectual one.