I'm redesigning my personal website and I have to convince people to join me in a short text. It's incredibly hard because it implies I must be crystal clear about where I am heading and what I am all about, and be able to put it into inspiring words. Here is my attempt:

First day of kindergarten, I go through the gates running, without a tear, without a cry: diving into the unknown makes me feel alive. I wanted to grow up to be an inventor. At 13 I write my first computer program. I graduate from software engineering, aged 23. A love for knowledge is deeply ingrained in me.

Knowledge, but also wisdom. When my Vietnamese grandparents fled the Indochina War to seek asylum in France, I became a son of diversity. I grew up in a family of social activists, with modest means, but engaged in a pursuit to help others through their work. In high school, I discover Plato, Seneca, Socrates, Rousseau, and Spinoza, among other great authors and thinkers: I instantly fall in love with the quest for wisdom.

It is no surprise I am now a tech entrepreneur: I believe in working with others, for others, while using my own vision of the world. I am the master of my day, and I want my work to have a strong, positive impact.

Life is short, I might as well spend it seeking mastery, not only for my own intellectual satisfaction but for the common good. Welcome, and let's join forces together!

What do you think pals? Is it too much maybe?