Today I'm 25. I took the day off to visit Hoi An with my family and two friends. I couldn't say no. I'm not a cave man yet. Days off have been pretty rare over the last year and a half. I don't really need days off, there is always something I'm excited about that's closely related to my work. That's just how I designed my life: a constant alternance of working and resting phases that's sustainable for me.

Steven Pressfield would say a pro doesn't need days off. I agree: no days off, but plenty of rest. You don't have to be at 1000% all the time. It's better to go at 80% every day and keep going forever. Peaks are always followed by abysses.

Not just sleep, proper rest. You can rest by enjoying a coffee at 10 AM, or by writing down your feelings. Anything that isn't rushed or ordered is an opportunity for rest. Be mindful, listen to what your body tells you.

We act in extreme ways when it comes to rest or work, it's always either one or another. However, the goal of a balanced life is to merge the two, to integrate daily life to your craft. Rest is not escapism, it's something to work on.