I often assumed that the research phase of the writing process always comes before sitting down to write. It just appeared to me yesterday this isn't always the right way to approach researching.

Writing is closer to science than we might think. Writing is always a quest for truth, it's a huge paper lab where we perform experiments.

When we sit at a desk to write, we come to verify assumptions, just like a scientist comes to a lab to test hypotheses.

Researching is the act of validating those assumptions using prior work. It's entirely distinct from ideating or storytelling. Consequently, researching is intertwined with the editing phase, right before publishing, to give weight to our propositions.

I believe it's an important fact to mention, as many writers (including me) can be stuck in the research phase before even starting to write and think for themselves, without even realizing it.

Write a draft, then start researching to debunk your words.

Reading a blog post or watching a Youtube video without having a hypothesis to validate is not researching, it's mere consumption - which is fine since you need a healthy consumption habit to form ideas.

Think like a scientist.