Redesigning my Writing Funnel - Part 2

Here is a little thought experiment acting as a continuation of yesterday's post about how I want to design a new writing funnel.

If we consider everything is marketing, we can approach our writing funnel design from the ideation phase. I get my ideas from my daily process and interactions, but I can also use Q&A websites. Quora should thus be the first addition to my current funnel. I could for example answer one question per day and use the resulting ideas to inspire my daily post.

200 Words a Day remains the place where I keep nurturing my writing habit. My daily writing practice is the pillar of my content creation effort.

The published article is then cross-posted as a Twitter thread. That's where most of my audience interacts and grows: I have to increase my presence.

I'm envisioning the possibility to record a daily podcast that would just be me reading my 200WaD post and explaining the thought process that went into it. Changing the format of the resource allows me to distribute it without hurting my SEO by content duplication. More importantly, hearing someone's voice just feels more personal. Increased intimacy enables trust.

In parallel, Makerlog is the place where I develop my operational accountability, the public to-do list where I display tangible proofs of my work ethic.

I'm also thinking of setting up a weekly newsletter where I would curate all the content and results I've been producing. This email list would act as a weekly review. It's an exercise I used to do but ended up dropping out. Adding an element of public accountability might be useful to me and others as well.

Finally, my personal website should remain the place where I'm building my personal brand, the bridge between every social account I own.

The most important thing with content creation is consistency. If you interact over too many mediums at once, you just remain noise. Carefully selecting the relevant communities is key. We only have 24 hours in a day after all.

With the right tools and habits, this seven-part writing funnel can help me make the most of my content. Time to get concrete by shipping by-products.