Redesigning my Personal Website

My personal website is not well-kept, its potential is untapped. My motives changed a lot in one year, my online domain should reflect those.

My current goal is to reach ramen profitability. At $1000 per month, I need 500 people to buy a $2 product from me. I have three income sources at the moment: my 200 Words a Day patrons (90% of my total revenues), the revenues from my ebook (10%), and my new Patreon account (0%, not launched). The objective is to design the flow of the website to convince people to help me help them.

You need three things to persuade someone online: added value, utmost transparency, and good copywriting.

I add value by investing my time in the development of important web products and by sharing what I learn in my daily writings. I also use social proofs to make my personality stand out.

I become transparent by openly reporting my goals, my values, and my metrics (costs/revenues breakdowns, daily active users...). I stay open and accessible.

Finally, I need stellar copywriting. Most portfolio websites feel generic and bland, but my focus is on inspiring the reader. To do so I follow a Golden Circle structure emphasizing the pain points I'm trying to address through my work. I'm pretty enthusiastic about the first principle approach to problem-solving.

This new website should be up tomorrow.