Recursive Content Creation

Writing is like walking. If you don't start, you won't go anywhere. If you don't keep taking steps every day, you will only delay your arrival.

You will often encounter crossroads. The road splits into dozens of paths, but there is only so much you can walk today.

Finding ideas to write about is being able to identify and explore those paths. Writing is not an act, it's a journey.

Draw these routes on a map, and you'll notice your itinerary takes the shape of a tree.

In computer science, trees are a data structure we journey through using something called recursion: solving a problem depends on breaking it down and solving each sub-problem created.

Whenever you find yourself stuck, just look back at your past articles and try to break them down into sub-topics. You'll get a better picture of the whole while finding new ideas to document.

This strategy is especially applicable to tech products. Take your landing page, and break it down into individual articles. Then take each article and break them down even further.

Do so long enough, and you'll eventually go full circle. In software, a tree has a single identifiable root all destinations originate from. Once you go full circle, however, your map becomes something called a graph.

When you can go back and forth on the map, it's called a bidirectional graph.

Brains are structured like bidirectional graphs. When you reach this stage in your writings, you literally obtain a complete brain dump encompassing all aspects of your business: this is recursive content creation.