Reasons to make

We all have our reasons. We do everything for a reason. Quite often, this reason is someone else. That's just the way humans are: we are social animals. When you ask yourself why we act one way or another, it's probably because we have been told to do so by someone else, directly or not: family, friends, lovers, bosses, colleagues, teachers... All of our acts which are not requested by nature are social constructs. Do they matter? Does free will truly exist? That's the question I have in mind after remembering Camus' Myth of Sysiphus.

I wanted to write about makers and entrepreneurship, but I ended up down a rabbit hole of philosophical questions. I wonder, why do we make things in the first place? The reasons all seem futile. I feel a nihilism growing inside me.

That's when I shut down this inner voice. When you are an entrepreneur, it's easy to start over-thinking. I constantly need to remind myself to dumb down, because thinking too much leaves room to doubts. There is no place for self-doubt. A saying in the startup world proclaims successful CEOs are idiots, meaning, stupid enough to believe they cannot fail, and stupid enough to brute force their way through any situation.

There is only one thing we must ask ourselves when we manage a company: are we doing things that matter to someone else? The moment what you made stops being useful, you must detach yourself from it. There is no in-between, no need to spend countless hours being paralyzed by a self-inflicted fear. If it's useful to one person, just make it.