Re: Power November on 200WAD

This month is going to be significant in 200WaD's history. Our community will celebrate its first birthday on November 22. @keni is organizing our first community event on November 15.

Today is also my 365th day of writing 200 words a day. I'm currently writing a retrospective to process what happened and inspire others to do so too. Writing literally changed my life.

I had a lot going on over the last few months, which delayed the release of 200WaD V2.0. I wrote articles interviewing entrepreneurs. I'm currently working on my first paid writing gig as a freelancer. I experimented with new digital products and teamed up with new people.

All those opportunities helped me become a better maker and writer, which I think will be highly beneficial to this website in the long run.

There are still so many things I want to do with 200WaD in terms of features, community, and marketing. This month is the month to deepen my focus.

I just moved to a new apartment in Odessa today, closer to the city center. The old one was at the top of a huge tower and had a low ceiling, I didn't like it much. The new one is much brighter and more minimalistic. It's a better environment to work and take breaks from time to time.

I'll be staying there till December 7, which is my mental deadline to make significant progress on 200WaD before taking some time to enjoy my family back in France.

Are you ready for this?