Re: Designing your dream life

To be honest, I don't know what's a dream life. I'm just 25, my life barely started. I don't know how you yourself can design one either.

The only question I'm asking myself is: am I living the dream now or am I daydreaming? I don't have time to think about a dream life, I can only live.

The things you deeply want to do are either actionable right now or out of your control.

What kind of lifestyle do you want to pursue? If you want to go vegan, you just become a vegan. If you want to be a millionaire, this is not for you to decide. In both cases, there is nothing to design.

Is society getting in the way? Society is an illusion also known as the social contract. That's all it is, a contract that can be broken.

Are you getting in your own way? Most likely, yes. Because it's all staying in your own head.

What will you do next to turn your dream life into reality? Just do it already. Take your first little step. Then another, and another, till you eventually get there or die trying.

Just do or do not. There is no planning to make.

Living the deferred life gets you nowhere: there is no distinction to make between the dream and the reality.

A dream life is something you stumble upon by accumulating a variety of experiences: how do you know you want to live in Paris if you never lived in Paris before? Act upon your most pressing inclinations, the ones bursting out of your very being keeping you awake at night. Or try new things. Just jump already.