Publishing my First Youtube Vlog

I published my first Youtube video yesterday. I wrote about going from blogging to vlogging a month ago, and I finally made it.

My motives remain the same: I want to improve my speaking skills and experiment with new ways of expressing myself.

The format appeared to me right before sleeping. I didn't want it to be too time-consuming, it had to seamlessly integrate into my daily life. I also wanted it to support my business goal to grow 200 Words a Day.

That's when the idea of centering my vlog on my writing process hit me. I already have developed a daily writing habit. All I have to do is to document my thought process. The possibilities are endless since I'm not tied to any particular topic, and I'm already putting in the work anyway. I just need to record myself, explain what I'm doing at loud, and edit the result to make it easier to consume.

I could vlog daily. I'll eventually get there. For now, it's too time-consuming and I plan to do it once or twice a week. I need to improve my workflow. I've started improving my setup to increase the video quality. Now I need to learn some tricks to increase my editing speed. Vlogging is an entirely different skill set than the one I'm used to.

I definitely see vlogging as a tool to improve my work. Watching myself working gives me a different perspective. It's highly introspective. Curious to see the impact in a few months.