Places where I lived

Note to self - all the places I've been living in for at least a month:

  • Hanoï, Vietnam (1 month) - nomad entrepreneur
  • Penang, Malaysia (3 months) - nomad entrepreneur
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (1 month) - nomad entrepreneur
  • Bangkok, Thaïland (2 months) - nomad entrepreneur
  • Warsaw, Poland (1 month) - nomad entrepreneur
  • Budapest, Hungary (1 month) - nomad entrepreneur
  • Paris, France (1 month) - CTO
  • Geneva, Switzerland (6 months) - internship
  • Stockholm, Sweden (1 year) - studies
  • Bucharest, Romania (1 month) - visiting ex-girlfriend
  • Skopje, Macedonia (1 month) - visiting ex-girlfriend
  • Shanghaï, China (1 month) - internship
  • Lyon, France (4 years) - studies
  • Bordeaux, France (1 year) - studies
  • Morocco (1+ month: Essaouira/Southern Morocco)
  • Portugal (1+ year, hard to estimate: Viana Do Castello, Braga, Guimaraes, Chaves, Batalha...) - summer holidays
  • Spain (6+ months, hard to estimate: Barcelona/Valencia/Costa Brava, Galicia, Pais Basco...) - summer holidays
  • Tonneins, France (18+ years) - place of birth

Fourteen countries. Six years as a student. One year as an official "digital nomad". Three years working/studying remotely. I moved a lot throughout the years, but I just realized I lived in that many places. Travel has definitely played a huge part in the construction of my identity.

Other places I passed by: France (Rennes, Toulouse, Grenoble, Marseille, Nice, Arles, Agen, Strasbourg...), Poland (Wroclaw), Danemark (Aalborg, Copenhagen), Sweden (Malmö), Italy (Milano, Torino, Roma, Napoli, Portogruaro), Germany (just hit the road), Austria (just hit the road), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb, Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik), Montenegro (Kotor), Macedonia (Ohrid), Albania (Tirana), Kosovo (Pristina), Serbia (Belgrade), Romania (Vama Veche)

Places I'd like to go to over the next year: Estonia (Tallin), Ukraine (Kiev or Odesa), Turkey (Istanbul)