Personal Web Design

One glance is enough to recognize a Picasso or a Van Gogh, but what about web designs?

A website is a canvas full of possibilities. And yet, we often see the same boring landing pages everywhere.

It's probably for the better, a standard website architecture makes it easier to navigate and understand. UX design is a domain where experiments and hypotheses have been formulated for decades: we could call it a science.

Web design is at the frontier between art and science, just like cooking or photography. And in a world dominated by technology, the balance shifts toward the latter.

What if it wasn't the case? What if we could recognize a web designer, or any maker, by its designs?

I like how some makers add a signature at the bottom right corner of their apps. Makers are not much different from painters. They are artists, and you can't be an artist without being an artisan. Not being a corporation is a strength, we should be proud of our humble craftsmanship.

How would one go about creating his own web design "style", then?

I think we could mimic how artists do it: by picking ingredients from different sources, cooking them together, and adding new flavors, rather than following a recipe. Instead of downloading a single CSS library, why not make your own by borrowing UI elements from your favorite designs? Everybody has different tastes and goals, so why should I use one UI kit over another?

The same goes for utility-first approaches: come on, do I really need all those class names and all these dependencies? Minimalism is the answer to most design problems, so why do I feel such a heavyweight on my back?

The remaining question is: what is my style? And how can I make it clean and usable? I guess I'll never know if I don't make something first.