Pain Threshold

My pain threshold has dramatically increased over the last two years.

I barely procrastinate anymore, I stopped complaining, and I stopped feeling discouraged when I receive negative feedback.

Is it a good or a bad thing? I'm not sure.

I have little empathy for people who never stop whining. I'm becoming a tad robot-like, more stoïc when it comes to getting things done. It has become so obvious to me I'm starting to forget where I come from.

I don't know how I got to this point honestly. Probably the accumulation of experiences. The mockeries throughout middle school. The first time I got rejected by a girl in high-school. Being a nerd. Getting lost in places far from home. Going against my parents' will to get a well-paid stable job as a consultant. Being expelled from engineering school. Closing down a business. Breaking up with lovers. Witnessing the death of my grandparents.

Only when you no longer feel pain can you truly be free, Buddhists say. It's true, but the moment you stop feeling pain is also when you start to relinquish your humanity.

It's considered a good thing when entrepreneurs have a high pain tolerance. I disagree. We should instead decrease our pain threshold, to learn to take it all in as to transform it into something positive. You don't want to forget pain, you must accept it as a necessary part of life. Avoid suffering whenever possible without being afraid of it.