I have a problem. I tend to sacralize my work. I overthink my goals, tasks, habits, and objectives, to generate some sort of meaning from it all. I lock myself in imaginary contracts with my users, and sometimes myself.

At first, I thought it would make me more motivated, and thus more productive: "if you are driven by a holy mission and stick to it, nothing can stop you", I used to tell myself.

But the contrary happened. The objective feels unreachable. It becomes overwhelming, which in turn feeds procrastinative habits: fear of failure, fear of trying new things, fear of pursuing new interests, fear of taking time for myself, fear of what people might think of me...

Truth is, no one is expecting anything grandiose from me. My work is not more important than someone else's. It's liberating. I'm free to let my creativity run wild. I'm free to live my life the way I desire.

Rituals are not inherently bad. You need rituals to get in the flow and create a sense of purpose. There is no good work without a pinch of spirituality. There is no deep work without habits.

Over-ritualizing is a decease though. It prevents us from sitting down and actually putting in the work. Not everything need a reason. There is no right moment to start working on a new task. We are not too tired to deliver, we are just bored and momentarily lazy.

It's time to win the inner fight.