Optimizing My Coding Process

As a software engineer, I find the no-code movement inspiring. Tech is an onion where each layer abstracts away the underlying complexity. Personal computers as we know them didn't exist 50 years ago. Now, everyone uses operating systems with built-in graphical user interfaces and we don't think twice about it. The no-code movement is just another logical step toward more abstraction: if you're not automating your process, someone else will do it for you. This is a great opportunity for programmers to make new digital products.

One thing I've wanted to do for a long time now is to create a meta-programming framework to automate my most tedious coding workflow.

50% of the time I spend on back-end work is about creating the SCRUD logic, from the data access layer to application programming interface design. Technically, I could create a piece of software that takes a database description as an input (like, say, a YAML recipe describing the tables and their relationships) and output a full-stack application code using a template engine: CRUD React components, a Symfony service layer, front-end and back-end API code, common utility functions... I would have it all in just one command line.

Imagine how easy it would be to release complex custom software with this kind of code generator. I could churn out minimum viable products like words on a piece of paper.

Better, it wouldn't cost a thing. The main problem with most low-code services is how the monthly subscription fees stack up. My current stack costs me about 30 bucks per month. It scales well, so why should I learn yet another tool when I could automate myself instead? In my case, time is not the issue, but my burn rate is.

Not sure when I will have time to make this little helper though.