Once Upon a Time

The lands of Ntipu were rich and bountiful. Every Ntiputian had plenty to eat and drink, and very little work to do. Most of their free time was spent in the pursuit of either pleasure or knowledge. Sometimes both. There was only one problem: Ntiputian couldn't live more than ten years. They would reach teenagehood at 3. By age 5, a Ntiputian had already graduated from Ntipu's National University, and it was time to build a family. Needless to say, there wasn't much time to beat around the bush. Knowledge was power, and Ntiput's National Library, a force to be reckoned with. Ntiputian weren't interested in the time-consuming nature of podcasts and videos, and thus books became the go-to tools to climb the social ladder. Some Ntiputian read books voraciously, but there wasn't enough of a lifetime to read every book in the world. Some other citizens seldomly read anything at all, picking the right work was too painful. Finding inspiration in this paradox, two mad Ntiputian inventors decided to read two books per month and summarize them for everyone to judge. Books would never be judged by their cover ever again. Sipreads was born.