On Spirituality

Spirituality is not so much about esoterism, religion, or philosophy. It's your personal link between the micro and macro.

A life without spirituality is a life without senses: you have no means to navigate through it, and you'll have to rely on others to guide you. To be spiritual is to be human. There is no being the captain of your own ship without a helm.

It's liberating, as long as your mind remains open and flexible. Spirituality is a pharmakon: a remedy in small quantity, a poison in excess.

Neglecting spirituality as an essential component of life, or removing all individuality from your spiritual practice is, as Camus puts it, committing philosophical suicide. You need a loose perception of your Why—even if you can't articulate it in words, you can feel an internal compass guiding you—no matter how absurd this Why sounds.